NBA Mock Draft 2014

2014 NBA Mock Draft

First Round Traded Draft Picks:

# 10 – Denver receives the Knicks 2014 1st round pick as part of the Carmelo Anthony trade.

# 11 – Philadelphia receives New Orleans’ 2014 1st round pick (top 5 protected) and the rights to Nerlens Noel for Jrue Holiday and the rights to Pierre Jackson.

# 12 – Orlando receives the less favorable of New York or Denver’s pick from the Dwight Howard trade.

# 16 – Chicago receives Charlotte’s 2014 1st round pick (Top 10 protected in ’14, top 8 in 2015, unprotected in 2016), Flip Murray and Acie Law for Tyrus Thomas.

# 18 – Boston receives the least favorable of Atlanta’s and Brooklyn’s 2014 1st round pick, 2016 1st round pick, option to swap 2017 1st round picks with the Nets, 2018 1st round pick, Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, Kris Joseph and Keith Bogans for Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry and DJ White.

# 17 – Phoenix receives Washington’s 2014 1st round pick (top 12 protected in 2014, top 10 in 2015-19, unprotected in 2020) and Emeka Okafor for Marcin Gortat, Shannon Brown, Malcolm Lee and Kendall Marshall.

# 21 – Oklahoma receives Dallas’ protected 2013 1st round pick (via Houston), Toronto’s protected 2013 1st rounded pick (via Houston) Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb and a 2013 2nd from pick (via Charlotte) from Houston for James Harden, Cole Aldrich, Lazar Hayward, and Daequan Cook. Houston receives Dallas’s 2013 1st round pick (via LA Lakers)(top 20 protected – Dallas picks year between 2012 and 2017) and Derek Fisher for Jordan Hill. The Lakers received the 1st round pick from the Lamar Odom trade.

# 23 – Utah receives Golden State’s 2014 1st round pick, Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrins, Brandon Rush, 2016 2nd round pick, 2017 1st and 2nd round pick, 2018 2nd round pick (DEN) and cash consideration in a three-team trade. The Nuggets received Randy Foye and a 2018 2nd round pick from the Warriors in a sign-and-trade agreement with Andre Iguodala. The Warriors also got Kevin Murphy.

# 24 – Charlotte receives Portland’s 2013 1st round pick (Top 12 protected in 2013 to 2015) from the Gerald Wallace/Joel Pryzbilla trade.

# 29 – Phoenix receives Indiana’s 2014 1st round pick (lottery protected), Gerald Green and Miles Plumlee for Luis Scola.

* – Charlotte receives Detroit’s 2013 1st round pick (protected – top 8 in ’14, top 1 in ’15 and unprotected in ’16) and Corey Maggette for Ben Gordon.

* – Atlanta has the option to swap picks with Brooklyn from a deal that sent Joe Johnson to the Nets.

* – Phoenix receives Minnesota’s 2014 1st round pick (protected – top 13 in 2014, top 12 in 2015, or it becomes a 2016 and 2017 2nd round picks), Wesley Johnson, Brad Miller and Jerome Dyson for Robin Lopez, Hakim Warrick, 2014 2nd round pick, $1.15 million cash in a 3-team deal with New Orleans and Minnesota.

* – Miami receives Philadelphia’s 2014 1st round pick (top 12 protected from 2013-15, unprotected in 2016) and Justin Hamilton for Arnett Moultrie.

* – Chicago receives Sacramento’s 2013 1st round pick (Protected 1-to-12 in 2014, 1-to-10 from 2015-2017) from Cleveland, along Andrew Bynum, Portland’s 2015 and 2016 2nd round picks and the right to swap 2015 1st round picks with Cleveland if the pick is outside of the lottery for Luol Deng. Cleveland receives Sacramento’s 2013 1st round pick (Protected 1-to-12 in 2014, 1-to-10 from 2015-2017) and Omri Casspi for JJ Hickson.