Real Madrid threatened with Zero Mercato

Real Madrid is threatened to pay a heavy price for the emerging crisis of the Corona Virus during the upcoming summer Mercato

According to the Spanish newspaper “Marca”, Real Madrid is threatened to move to the next season without any contracts in the summer, due to the current financial restrictions resulting from the Corona crisis, after losing ticket sales and museum revenues.

The administration is looking for a solution to this crisis and continues studying the possibility of saving losses by reducing the salaries of players and managers.

Zero Mercato

As the club explained that the losses of the Real Madrid in the next season could reach 150 million euros if playing behind closed doors as well.

The newspaper said that Real Madrid was following many players, but Real Madrid told most of them to listen to other shows now or wait for a year, to wear the Royal Club shirt.

They added that Erling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund) and Eduardo Camavinga (Rennes) are the most prominent on the list of Real’s goals, but they are not the only ones.

Pronounced that Madrid will not move in the Mercato unless it succeeds in selling a large number of players, but there are a few clubs now ready to spend on deals, especially if these are receiving huge salaries.

And if the loaned players are placed back to the club who may merge with the first team, the Royal may start next season with 40 players.

The newspaper stressed that there is no crisis in finding clubs for some young players, with the exception of Ibrahim Diaz, who does not want to leave, but the problem remains in the mechanism of selling old players.

At the top of the list is adult James Rodriguez, who has a high salary, Gareth Bale, who refuses to leave, and Marcelo, who still sees himself as part of the starting line-up.

The newspaper completed the report by asserting that Real Madrid will move only in the Mercato if it succeeds in raising 150 million euros in player sales.

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