Santiago Solari: There is no enmity with Isco and Marcelo

Solari: There is no enmity with Isco and Marcelo

The manager of Real Madrid Santiago Solari confirmed, he does not hold any grudge against any player in the team.

This came after beating Real Betis (2/1), in the 19th round of the Spanish league, on Sunday.

About the injury of Benzema, Santiago Solari said in remarks quoted by the Spanish newspaper “Marca“: “Benzema has a fracture in his right hand, and we will determine the duration of his absence after we know what the doctors will say.”

He added: “We deserved to win against Real Betis, We had a strong personality .. Football has a special charm, When a player scores in his former club, this time it was in our favor when Ceballos scored. ” Dani Ceballos goal against Betis

He continued: “We played a tough match in a difficult stadium, everyone knows the difficulty of the Villamarín stadium, but we came out with a positive result.”

And also said: “There is no enmity or something personal, between me and the players, especially Isco and Marcelo .. We are all one team, sorry to repeat this talk”

Santiago Solari continued: “We have a lot of injuries, especially in attack centers, we have to find solutions to win games. Some will play, others will not, we have several tournaments to play in. We will play another game in a few days and have the opportunity.”

And about Ceballos, His goal winning killer, “Betis is still in his heart, it’s a thrilling moment for anyone, he’s done a good job, there’s a famous law about your old club, it’s very painful,” he said.

The coach concluded: “During this season, we have joined a large number of young players, today they are at the level of the first team. Everyone has to accept decisions.”

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