Super Bowl LIII Prize Money 2019 (Official)

super bowl 2019 prize money
super bowl 2019 prize money

The prize money NFL players earn for playing in Super Bowl LIII is relatively modest, at least by the standards of professional sports salaries. Each player on the winning team – that is The New England Patriots takes home an extra $107,000 bonus, and everyone on the defeated Los Angeles Rams gets an extra $ 53,000. This prize money is the same for everyone, from the star quarterbacks to the placekickers.

NFL’s revenues have grown over the past 52 years, the prize for the title game winner has only gone up 5.3%.

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This year Super Bowl was played in Atlanta, Georgia which taxes wages at 8.9% — among the lowest state income tax rates in the U.S.

The salaries of NFL players rise slightly through age 26. This is the age where the number of players still active starts to go down just as incomes start to make a dramatic increase.

In 1967, each Green Bay Packer received $15,000 for winning the first Super Bowl, while each Kansas City Chief took home $7,500 as the runner-up, as per

Super Bowl History Winners & Losers:

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